Pool Opening

Have your pool professionally opened and ready for an enjoyable season!

Opening your swimming pool in the spring can be a daunting task for some pool owners.  AuburnPoolCompany offers this swimming pool service to all local pool owners.

AuburnPoolCompany will send out a professionally trained pool technician to open your swimming pool. We have enough years of experience in the pool industry and will help you get your pool up and running for fun in the sun.

We will perform the following:

  1. Remove debris from immediate deck area
  2. Remove, fold and store pool cover
  3. Reassemble filter, pump, pool cleaner
  4. Remove winterizing plugs
  5. Install ladders, rail, skimmer baskets and accessories
  6. Install equipment drain plugs and strainer baskets
  7. Remove winterization plugs
  8. Check water circulation for adequate flow
  9. Clean and vacuum pool
  10. Start-up filter system
  11. Light pilot on pool heater.  Heater will be left off but ready to operate.
  12. Initial test & adjustment of water chemistry, add owner chemicals

Contact Clear H2O Pools today to get started!!

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