Leak Detecting and Repair

Pool owners!  Worry no more!

AuburnPoolCompany is specialized in pool leak detection. We have the knowledge and experience in this specialized field and we are competent to identify pool leak problems, both above or in ground. We repair utilizing the latest technologies, including electronic, sonic and hydro phonic leak detection of your pond, vinyl or concrete pool.

Electronic Leak detection. We use an electronic instrument that has been specifically designed to find leaks in your pool. No more sending down a diver and spending hours to try and find the leak. No more draining the pool either. The use of the electronic leak detection device saves you money and time.

Sonic Leak Detection is used in conjunction with Pressure Testing for finding leaks in your plumbing.  It is used to listen for escaping air or water from the pipes that run under your decking. It will not find leaks in your liner. We can find leaks in your lines quickly and accurately.

The season to enjoy pools is short. Many problems that are commonly experienced can be solved without draining the water from the pool.  Downtime for your customers or your own pool maybe avoided. It is likely we can provide a solution to your problem without draining the water from the pool.



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