Concrete Repair Work and New Concrete Pouring

  • Concrete Repair Work and New Concrete Pouring

We can repair and restore your existing concrete that is cracking, chipping, spalling or flaking. Concrete overlays create a new, strong, beautiful surface with a decorative finish, including stamped concrete, stained concrete, concrete with pigmented sealer, and more.

Keeping your pool deck in pristine shape can make your pool look like new. Flaking and cracking of your concrete pool deck can be repaired. We can repair or replace almost all types of pool decking. Every deck is different and we treat it as such.

Repair Options:

  • Epoxy coating can fill small cracks and make your pool deck look like new again. When putting any coating on your pool deck the most important steps are in preparation. Pressure washing and acid etching to open up the pores in your concrete will mean the difference between a finish lasting a decade to a finish that lasts only a winter.
  • Concrete grout or patching material can be used to repair flaking or cracked concrete.

Deck Replacement:

  • Replacement involves removing your existing pool deck by smashing it with a jackhammer and removing it. Quite often the skimmer and pool coping get damaged when your deck is smashed out. This is the best time to replace your coping and skimmer is before the new concrete is poured.
  • There are a lot of concrete options available from plain concrete, to stamped, and coloured concrete.

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